Snehal Joshi

Co-Founder & Principal Designer

Having an art legacy, Snehal completed architecture from Pune University and M. Des (product design) from NID, Ahmedabad. With a thrust on designing for the bottom of pyramid, she has worked with SAMEER, Mumbai for designing of medical equipment in order to make healthcare accessible for all. Her work has been displayed at Design Idea Fair, jointly held by CII and NID in Bangalore.

She has worked with Godrej, Mumbai, where she was responsible for introducing a new family of hospital furniture and accommodation systems for India Naval Ships. Having taken an industry experience for over 3 years, Snehal decided to begin her own venture. Her work ensures aesthetics implicitly, having special liking towards folk and tribal art for its forms and expression that is purely representational yet lively. Snehal, herself, achieves simplicity in form through core understanding of fundamentals.

Perfectionist in work, she is an avid reader dwelling in facts and fiction alike. She focuses not just on design but every mode to improving the existing ones such as to become more environ and humane. Ace with camera, she observes the finer qualities of living; output results as combined superlative of past, present with a better future.

Snehal currently works as a faculty for design and architecture along with design practice and also practices an interesting attempt to revive folk and tribal arts in its core form through her brand laakhi.

Believing to make a change, Rishikesh’s work persona is highly inspired with the concept of user centric design. Having done his architecture from Pune University and industrial design from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), U.S.A., his works have always been enthused by the core realities of material and condition with impetus to exploit the potential of either. After completing his bachelor studies, he worked with IDC, IIT Bombay, for toy manufacturing industries where he designed educational and entertaining games for various age groups. Rishikesh received his master’s degree in Industrial Design from RIT, where his work got exhibited at The Bevier Gallery, Rochester, USA and his thesis on ‘system design for health information management’ got published internationally. An avid reader, he realises the significance of social and environment in designing. The span of his works range from residential architecture, commercial and institutional interior, brand identity and logo design and designing products and packaging for small and medium manufacturing industries.

Completely disillusioned about the general ‘design’ understanding here, he wishes not just to create but also to inculcate awareness about the process of creation.  He believes that design is not an embellishment but solution to the difficulties of daily lives; and products should make a difference. Taking the learning from his design practice he conducts design studios and workshops at various design and architecture institutes. Currently practising and teaching, he tries to bring in the ethos of Indian society and the spirit behind native culture into his design and architecture.

Rishikesh Khedkar

Co-Founder & Principal Architect